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St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School

We Grow, Learn and Achieve by following Christ.

Welcome to

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary School

We Grow, Learn and Achieve by following Christ.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school." Albert Einstein
“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead
"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Malcolm X
“The soul is healed by being with children.” Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Year 5

Year 5 trip to the Sky studios by Robbie, 5B


Thirty-One year 5 students had an early start last Thursday, having to be at school by 8am.  This is because we were going to visit Sky.  We got into pairs and took the ten minute walk to Acton Town tube station.  We were going to catch the Sky bus from there but there was a change of plan and we took the train to Osterley where there was a bus to take us to the studios.  When the bus pulled up, we eagerly jumped off to catch a glimpse of where we were.  Our first impression was to notice how big and amazing the place was, with Sky buildings everywhere. 


We were brought through security and led to the Sky Academy room where our day really began.  Once in the room, we put our jackets away and found a seat.  They played us a short video explaining what Sky is all about.  We saw how they make programmes and were given some interesting facts about the company.   One of the most important pieces of information they gave us was Make, Shape, Share.  This is all about the process of filming the show to getting it to your television.  It starts with make, where they film the shows.  Following this is shape, where they edited everything to make it look better and make it fit together.  Finally there is share, which as the name suggests shares the final product with us by broadcasting it across the nation.  After the video, we were told our task for the day which was to create our own news report.  We felt excited and confident that we could do this.


On the way to where we would create the news report, we visited an actual TV studio which was set up to film their football shows.  It was a big space with two stages set up for filming.  There, we learnt that each light cost about £1000 and there were 100 in this studio alone.  We also learnt about the cameras that they use.  For these shows, the cameras they were using cost approximately £150000-£250000 and even the ones we would be using cost a lot at £15000 each.  This gave us an idea about how much money is put into the shows that we watch.  We then moved onto the Sky Academy studios where we would produce our reports.


There were 4 studios there and we had been split into 4 teams.  Each studio had a separate part to play in the final news report.  Studio 1 would be the studio introduction to the report.  Studio 2 did the location reporting.  In studio 3, there would be the eyewitness report.  The last studio, number 4, filmed the expert interviews.  Each team would be working in a separate studio to create their part of the final news report.   We were each given the roles that we had to play and the topic that we had to work on which was cultural diversity.  Each team had 2-3 reporters, a producer, a director, 1-2 editors, a camera operator and a scriptwriter.  The reporters in each team went to the dressing room and got the costumes for them to report in.  The producer and director in each team went to the other teams to find out who their reporters were which helped with the scriptwriting.  Once the scriptwriters had finished the text to be read out, we practised our reports.  When we felt it was ready, it was filmed and the editors added background images and graphics to create the final touches to the report.  It was hard work but we had a lot of fun.  It also should us how many people and the teamwork it takes to make a programme.

It took a bit of time to put the 4 reports together so we had the chance to see some live TV being filmed first.  We were taken to the area where Sky Sports News was being produced.  It was exciting seeing live TV being filmed in front of your eyes.  Then it was time to go and watch our news report.  It was amazing to see what we had created and there were some funny parts in it as well.  Unfortunately, it was then time to go home.


We had had a great day at Sky and we were excited to get back to school to tell everyone what we had done.  It was a cold, wet walk back from Acton Town but we didn’t care because it had been a brilliant day and a highlight of our year.  We have to thank the school for letting us go there and Sky for giving us the opportunity.  If you want to see some pictures of our trip, you can go to the school website at this web address:

Sky Studios Tour

This is a news video created by the year 5 students on their trip to Sky Studios.

Sayers Croft  - 3-7 October 2016


Day One


Welcome to Sayers Croft!


5W are checking for polution levels in the water


5F challenging themselves on the ropes course


5W have finished their stream walk; cold and wet but having fun




Day Two

5F ready and raring to climb Pitch Hill

5F ready and raring to climb Pitch Hill 1
Day Three

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